Planning an event in Nigeria usually comes with anxiety; the type that leaves you feeling scared and sometimes, lonely. This could be because Nigerian events, apart from weddings are generally curated to respond to the behavioral patterns of the attendees; one has to keep in mind that attendees are not the same in any two locations and this in itself influences the event architecture, policy and budget.

    Different Puff Puff Recipes

    When we decided to host the 2018 Puff Puff Festival themed “Christmas Party”, one of our major concerns was the response of the people to moving the Festival from its traditional one-day to a three-day event. This we did to give the attendees an added experience and to explore the festival’s depth; as expected, that decision translated to upping the budget on a large scale and hard work on developing the said added experiences.

    Anyone well-versed in event planning will readily tell that event experiences are not auctioned on the streets; rather, they can be copied from other established event identities, bought off curators or developed in-house. The 2018 Puff Puff Festival team chose the safest of the options – developing in-house, while also collaborating with other creative companies; this choice birthed the concept of the first ever Puff Puff Shrine, created for attendees to reach the soul of the festival without losing its familiar culture.

    The Shrine was set in the likeness of a traditional African restaurant and pushing its presence was the artistic placements of large African pots, tripods, firewoods, mats, hurricane lanterns and scented candles. A fine array of light and shadows, magnificent paintings juxtaposed with traditional African wrappers, soft pop music and drink lounges gave it a cozy feel, providing a suitable ambience for eating, connection with newer experiences, exchange between associates and advocate activation by brands.

      Additional Puff Puff Recipes

      Puff Puff Festival is currently Nigeria’s biggest finger food festival with a growing community of Chefs, attendees and sponsorship investors; a community through which brands and individuals learn, relearn and embrace growth. The 2018 edition of the event left no stone unturned in delivering the promised experiences and gains of the festival.

      Selecting Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State as a third time host city was in fact, one of the best festival decisions; it allowed scalability, community strengthening and consolidating on plans for the 2019 Puff Puff Festival, some of which include:

      1. Independence Day Puff Puff Festival on October 1st in Lagos, Nigeria
      2. The December/Christmas Edition in Uyo

      Judging by expert assessment, overall turnout for the three days, verbal and non-verbal response of the general public, it is encouraging and utterly gratifying to reach the conclusion that the 2018 edition of the Puff Puff Festival held from 26th to 28th December, 2018 was a success.

      It would however be a great disservice to recap the success of the event without expressly according gratitude for help we received every step of the way. We are immensely thankful to God for the great beautiful opportunities; the best Advisory board: Adora Ikwuemesi, Helen Udofa, Dr. Emmanuel Umana, and Grace Inyang; our industry sponsors: Margaret Anne Capital, KM Event Studio, Ini Ememobong Foundation, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN); Francis Onuk of the Roothub for event branding and Award design, Zafhire Décor and Events, Nsikak Effiong for Award production, Tony Onuk of the Roothub for community and experience support, Hanson Johnson of Start Innovation Hub for community support, Uduak Umotan and Sam Ogu of CodeKago Interactive for community and technology support, Edwina Ifiok Akpabio and Enobong Alphonsus for community and experience support; Aidi Basi (Aidillic Photography) and Iniobong Christopher (Eyes Wide Shot) for experience support; our media supporters: Aniekan Eka (WetinHappen Media), Prince Simeone (Hype Station Nigeria), Morgan Godwin (Jokky Media), Idy Brown (Agog Media) media, PreWedding Nigeria (PWN), The NextEdition Media, Asian Ukut, & Paul Inyang of Peaqe Content.

      • Puff Puff No Hands Champion - Morgan Godwin
      • Chef Competition (Most Innovative Puff Puff Team) :: Awardee - Senobs Foods
      • Chef Competition (Eater' Choice) :: Awardee - Manis Dente
      • Awardees for Eating with Hands, Puff Puff Taste Bud & Blindflod Award Categories
      • Awardees for Social Media Champion, Best Puff Puff Design Story & Eater's Choice Award Categories with Puff Puff Festival Curator - Unwana Umana
      • Awardees for Social Media Champion, Best Puff Puff Design Story & Eater's Choice Award Categories
      • Puff Puff Live Art Award :: Awardee - Francis Onuk
      • Eating with Hands Champion - John Mark
      • Puff Puff Taste Bud Champion representative - Melody

      To our favourite community members, the wonderful and ever creative Finger Food Chefs, we remain thankful.

      Also deserving of unreserved thanks are the members of the Puff Puff Festival team: Balqis Abdulrazaq (Event Planner), Ama-sera Nnso Nduonofit (Head of Experience), Essiet Peter Nelson (Head of Community), Udeme Ikpatt (Country Director), Uduak-estelle Akpan (Administrative lead), Daniel Uzodinma (Content/Storytelling), Atauyo Effiong (Videograpghy), Chikamnenye Onubogu (Merchandize), Aniekan Offiong (Web/Digital production); our resourceful volunteers: David Showell Benjamin, David Lawrence Akpan, Faith Eseabasi, Nsikak Usip and Blessing Sam.

      Unwana Umana

      Founder & Curator