Don’t sit home and mope! Come snatch up awards while having fun at the 2018 puff Puff festival holding on 26th – 28th December with the theme “Christmas Party” Niger Wives Hall Event Centre, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo – Akwa Ibom State. Participation is completely free!.

Puff Puff Festival Competition and Awards: Share in the Fun and Earn Rewards
History of Puff Puff Festival highlighted.

To REGISTER for any Competition, Simply visit Awards Page and click on “Register to Participate” or "Register Now" on the Homepage

Guidelines for all participants in the various competitions are as follows:

Speed-Eating Competition/Awards

Eating with Hands Champion

Contestants are allowed to eat with the aid of their hands; winner is decided on the basis of the highest quantity consumed within the stipulated time frame.

Blindfold Eating Champion

Contestants participate with while in blindfolds; winner is declared on the basis of the quantity of puff puff consumed.

No-hands Eating Champion

Contestants are NOT allowed the use of their hands in eating. All consumed puff puff must be picked directly using the mouth.

Puff Puff Taste Bud Champion

The contestant who is able to taste and correctly identify the most number of puff puff flavours is declared winner.

Chef Competition/Award

Best Puff Puff Design Story

Participating chefs are judged by their team’s creativity in telling “original” stories using created recipes or puff puff arrangement.

Most innovative Puff Puff team

Winner is decided on the ability to create innovative recipes and puff puff offerings.

  • Record number of Puff Puff recipes. Winner is decided on the basis of the number of recipes created.
  • Eaters’ Choice Award
    Winner is decided upon the votes of the attendees (eaters).

Other Festival Competition/Awards

Social Media Champion

Participants are required to constantly publicize puff puff festival by making social media posts using the hashtags #puffpufffestival #christmasparty and mentioning the puff puff festival handles.
Winner(s) will be judged by the volume of social media engagements.

Best Puff Puff Candid Shot

Participants are judged by the quality of Candid Shots taken at the festival and posted on instagram with the hashtag #mypuffpuffcandidshot

Live Art Award

Participants are expected to be established or upcoming artists who will compete by creating visual arts pieces (drawings, paintings, sculptures) on the festival ground. All art works must depict puff puff or the festival’s theme “Christmas party”. Winners will be judged on innovativeness, creativity and ability to interpret created pieces.